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No introduction Fee

There are not any service charge such as Introduction fee.

Trial lesson costs ¥1,000

If you find a teacher to proceed to a trial lesson,
make a payment and book for a trial lesson before hand.

Ceditcard cards or debit cards are available.

The initial meeting will be a 30 minute trial lesson and 30 minute interview to discuss your needs.

What is this 11 yen charge on my credit card?’s payment provided does this once when the a credit card is added to confirm its validity. The 11yen is immediately refunded.

Reguler Lesson fees

Real face to face + sometimes Online 〓 from 3,000yen    Apply here

Online lesson only from 40minutes 〓 from 2,000yen    Apply here

How to pay for regular lessons

If you decide to start taking lessons with the teacher after the trial lesson, please accept the teacher's Lesson Agreement and book your first lesson.

The lesson fees are collected through 先生紹介.com. Please use "先生紹介.com"'s credit card payment system. Credit cards or debit cards are available.


When you made a payment, you can find "Vew Receipt" button.


Teachers' transportation cost

The transport costs are showed in their offer sheets. The teachers’ transportation cost shall be paid by you through “SennseiShoukai. com".


Two payment types

① Weekly lesson type

This plan is for students who would like to take lessons at the same time on the same day every week. We do allow students to cancel or change the reservation time depending on circumstances.

② One-Time or Several lessons type

This One-Time lesson plan is for students who prefer to take lessons in a flexible manner. While it may be a hassle, it is necessary to pay for the lesson via credit card in advance each time before making a reservation.
Multiple lessons can also be paid for at once. In this case, book next lesson later on.

For this form of payment, we do allow for students to cancel the lesson within the cancellation period.

Adding your credit card for the first time

When paying ¥1000 by card for the trial lesson, please register your credit card number on The card number is encrypted, making it secure. ? → PAY.JP is a card payment processor specifically developed for Japanese companies.

You do not have to enter your card number after the first lesson.


The cancellation period is stipulated by each individual teacher's cancellation policy.
Students are not charged the lesson fee if they cancel before the deadline.

About refunds

Please contact us if you were unable to take a lesson because of the teacher.
Refunds will be given as necessary upon investigation.

Individual or Group?

The total fee stays the same whether the lesson is individual or not. ex.
One person=4,000yen,
Two people=4,000yen(2,000yen/each),
Three people=4,000yen (1,333yen/each)
Please provide students numbers before hand so that teachers can make group lesson plan.