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Hello, my name is Atsuko,
I''m currently work at a company that offers Japanese language lessons.
I have 10 years of teaching experience, mainly conducting private lessons both online and in-person. My students include business professionals, individuals with Japanese spouses, and people living abroad who are fans of anime, manga, and games, among others.

From 2016 to 2019, I provided pre-employment training for foreign employees working in Japanese companies.

At present, most of my students are English speakers, ranging from those who have never studied Japanese before to those looking to improve their conversational skills. I cater to a wide range of needs.

For ongoing students, I provide a level assessment sheet with a 10-point scale every three months.


My hobbies are working out, doing yoga 3 times a week, and watching anime and reading manga.
My favorite mangas are Hiroaka, Jojo''''s, and One piece


1990-2014: Worked as a Lady''s Section Manager at a Department Store.

2014-2019: Worked for a Chinese-owned company as a Japanese tutor.

2015-Present: Employed by a Japanese company as a Japanese tutor.

*Educational background)           
Hokkaido Art Technical college
Major /dress design 

Experience as a Japanese teacher         
I have been teaching Japanese to English speakers,Chinese and Vietnamese since 2014

Teaching Japanese

- -It is organized curriculum just for you-
I''will make a custom-made Lesson plan with what you want.
It will include Conversation, Kanji, Text creation, listening, Grammar, etc. I move forward with my class according to your pace while always checking whether you understand.

Location appeal

Izumi ward Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture and online