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Let's enjoy useful Japanese for work, life, culture, etc.
Let's learn together to improve your ability.


(Travel,walking,visit to museum)
・新しい言葉を覚えること(learning new language)


After working at ICT(Information and communication technology) research center and software company for 38 years, I learned teaching methods of Japanese language for foreigners.
After I got licenses, I taught Chinese and Korean students for university examination (1year at Tokyo) and taught Vietnamese students technological Japanese (2years at HaNoi).
After came back to Japan, I have taught many students from many countries.

Teaching Japanese

I teach some students business Japanese such as keigo (honorific form), writing a paper, presentation , Email and business scene role play. I can teach daily Japanese using appropriate textbook.
And I teach some of them JLPTN3-N1. Besides text-based learning, I teach wide range of use of vocabulary, kanji and expression structure. Sometimes I tell them to make short sentences using grammar and vocabulary which they learned during the lesson. Making sentences is an active and effective method to master natural Japanese.

Location appeal

Tokyo,Saitama and Skype




The first impression of him was good. He kindly corrected my Japanese in email that I sent him even before the trial lesson and it was helpful for my studying. The trial lesson was conducted by Skype. During the lesson, he was bright, kind, and patient. I believe that he can be a good teacher for me. I am looking forward to the first day of lesson.



Great teacher! Thank you.

講師の返事: Since the student showed clearly the background and goals prior to the trial lesson, I prepared how to proceed the lessons and the appropriate textbook and discussed them.



I found Kirihara san is very good teach and gave me practical help to enhance my Japanese skill. Very well prepared and also considerate in may ways.



it was a great experience and i think we will work well together. i liked his approach and we agreed on a strategy to move forward.


(Fahmida (ファミダ))

He is very helpful and I am really happy to had lesson with him.