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I use customized learning materials for role play method.
I am good at guiding you to more natural conversational Japanese, as well as support you to reach your goal, such as reading/writing, preparation for JLPT.
I am bilingual of English and Japanese so if needed, I can explain grammar, historical background and other things deeply in both languages.


reading, gardening, cooking, watching films and listening to music of all sorts.


Sendagaya Japanese Institute

Yamanoda Japanese Language School

Athena Japanese Language School

Teaching Japanese

Teach practical fun way to push people really to start talking.
Very reasonable method to correct your pronunciation.
Sufficient lesson to pick up your realistic scenes to make cumtomized roll play learning materials.

Location appeal


Face to face lesson: 10 min walk from Ueda station, the Tsurumai line, Nagoya




Sawaguchi-san is hard working and always helpful, caring for her students growth going beyond class contents. I definitely recommend her.



Sawaguchi-sensei's lesson is fun and informative. She is very flexible in the topics she teaches. I find that lessons with Sawaguchi-sensei help me become a better communicator in Japanese as she teaches me to differentiate the subtleties and nuance of different words used.



Sawaguchi sensei is a wonderful teacher!! I learn a lot from her during our weekly classes. Not only that -- but she is also fun to chat with and always makes me laugh while learning!! I always look forward to class and can't recommend her enough :)



I've had a few lessons with Sawaguchi-sensei, and she is an amazing tutor! On the first lesson she was able to determine several things I need to work on to improve my Japanese. I am also able to request that we work on certain grammar. She challenges me to the limits of my Japanese understanding, and that's exactly what I need to improve. Highly recommend her!




講師の返事: エリックさん、フィードバックをありがとうございました。少しお話ししただけで、超上級者特有のお悩みがあることと推測できました。「これ以上どうすればいいと言うんだ!?」と叫びたいお気持ちもあるでしょうね。周りの人は、エリックさんの日本語を褒めてくれるばかりでしょう。けれど、日本語の文法やニュアンスの違いなどをその人たちに質問しても、なかなか納得できる答えは得られないかもしれません。エリックさんの貴重な時間と授業料が無駄にならないよう、私も精一杯頑張ります。今のところに満足せず、更に上を目指しましょう。これからどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。



let s continue !

講師の返事: ベンさん、ありがとうございます。 完璧を目指して頑張りましょう。


(Charles Hornblow)

A great first lesson, Makiko was really easy to talk to and seemed to understand exactly what I needed to learn and how to improve my Japanese. I definitely recommend her!



The trial lesson was really good!

講師の返事: Ghassan san, arigatogozaimas. Ganbarimasho!