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Hello, future Japanese language learners! My name is May,and I am thrilled to be your personal Japanese tutor. Allow me to introduce myself and share my passion for teaching the beautiful language of Japan.

About Me:
I am a native Japanese speaker, born and raised in Tokyo Japan. With a deep love for my language and culture, I decided to pursue a career in teaching Japanese to help people like you explore the richness of the Japanese language.


旅行(Traveling)、映画(Watching movies)、絵(drawing)、ゲーム(video games)、料理(Cooking)、お酒(Drinking)、動物(animals)
I''m interested in the activities of WWF and World Vision, and I''ve been making small donations to support them.



Teaching Japanese

Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that language learning should be an enjoyable and engaging experience. My teaching philosophy centers around creating a supportive and interactive learning environment where you feel comfortable and motivated to communicate in Japanese from day one. I strive to make each lesson personalized to your unique learning style, interests, and goals.

Teaching Experience:
I have been teaching Japanese for 6years and have had the pleasure of working with students from diverse backgrounds and language proficiency levels. From beginners starting their Japanese language journey to advanced learners looking to refine their skills, I am dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

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Lessons with Mayu先生 have been very enjoyable. She is friendly and outgoing and keeps the lesson flowing well. She also puts in extra time to provide an email summary of the lesson with new vocbulary that came up as well as worksheets to review. She is also responsive with any questions you might have between lessons, even though I feel bad about taking her time for that. You should scehdual trial lesson and get to know how her teaching styles works for you.