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What is important are (1) whether you can enjoy learning and look forward to having the next lesson. and (2) whether you can realize your Japanese is improving through the lessons. I''d like to be one of those teachers.


Sports(esp. baseball and jogging) and music(esp. saxophone). Travelling in Japan and abroad. Challenging learning Spanish.
A licenced national tourist guide(English).


A teacher of English throughtout my career for 40 years, with experiences of teaching Japanese in the U.K.(half a year) and in Tokyo(three years).

Teaching Japanese

Currently teaching complete beginners, but can teach all levels. For a beginner, I strongly recommend you use a proper textbook(you have to pay). Good at explaining grammar in English and flexible to tailor each lesson to a student''s needs, depending on their interests and strong(or weak) points.

Location appeal

I live in Mita, Minato-ward, only a few minutes''walk from Toei Mita Station or JR Tamachi Station.I usually move by bike for a lesson nearby(even if it is rainy). which means I don''t need transportation expenses when you want to have a lesson at your residence. My residence is a part of a public facility, which means you don''t have to worry about learning with a male teacher. I think a lesson at a coffee shop is very distracting and often hard to find a nice table for studies.