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Takahashi Kazuko
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I have 18-year experience to teach Japanese to various level of people all over the world. of course I have the licence.
I can teach Japanese with any textbooks.(Basic~ advanced, JLPT N5~N1, business, daily conversation and Kanji etc.)
If you don''t want to use any textbooks, I''''ll be able to correct your conversational Japanese without them.

Also I can answer any questions about grammar, structures and daily conversation. Many of my students passed JLPT N5~N1.
I have a wide knowledge about Japanese culture.

So I can introduce them.
Please take my trial lesson.
I''m looking forward to seeing you!

Yorshiku onegaishimasu.


My hobby: Japanese calligraphy(Instructor)
Haiga(Pictures for Haiku)
Hula dancing
Reading , Movies & plays

Interest: Travelling


[Experience as a Japanese teacher: ]

February 2007 ~ Present We Japanese Language School
April 2004 ~ April 2005 Alpha Language Institute
October 2004~March 2005 New Global Language school
April 2003~January 2004 Pinehill School(New Zealand)

Teaching Japanese

I have 18 year-experience to teach Japanese from beginners to advanced people and used various kinds of textbooks.(Including JLPT N5~1, business Japanese, daily conversation and Kanji) Of course I have a license of Japanese language teacher. Also, I have taught Japanese to people of various countries such as America, England, France, Australia, Canada, India, China, Korea, Ireland, Russia and so on. I can show you some good textbooks or I''ll be able to teach you Japanese with any textbooks you want to use. I also have a nice textbook for daily conversation. I have many experiences for teaching business Japanese, JLPT etc. If you don''t want to use any textbooks, I can correct your conversational Japanese without them. Besides I''m sure that I can answer any questions about any Japanese grammar, sentence structures and daily conversation. Many of my students passed N5~ N1. Also I have a wide knowledge about Japanese cultures. So I can show you some of them.

Location appeal

I''m available along to Joban Line, chiyoda line, Yamanote line, musashino line, shin-keisei line , Urban Park line and every subway.
However I prefer to do lessons on line until covid-19 is stamped out.




Kazuko senses is very kind, and has good experience, she also had good materials to help the lesson go smoothly. Please don't hesitate to try a lesson with her.

講師の返事: Thank you for taking my trial lesson. I hope you will be successful with learning Japanese at University. I'm always trying to do the useful, helpful and joyful lessons. Good luck!



I can see that Takahashi Kazuko sensei really care on student's will and goals. She makes sure about her students goal and she show me communication activities we can do together. The lesson was good.



The teacher canceled the lesson because I live in America, and she doesn't use Paypal. 先生がレッスンをキャンセルしました。なぜなら、僕がアメリカに住んでて、先生はPaypalを使いないんです。



Takahashi sensei obviously has a lot of knowledge about Japan and its language and culture.



Kazuko was knowledgeable and patient and came very well-prepared. She had many resources and had a lot of ideas and textbooks to offer.



Trial lesson was very good. Takahashi-sensei understood my requirements and I'm looking forward to future classes.