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Hello! If you are looking for a FUN and EFFECTIVE Japanese tutor, I am here for you!

I can help you to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for all level of JLPT with many textbooks and materials. After you provide me your goal and request, I will customize a lesson for you. Or, if you just want to know travel Japanese, I will teach you the most useful phrases with cultural background and fun websites.

And I have a PhD and have been a Japanese tutor for American students in the US for years. Additionally, I have six years of experience in Japanese public schools and lived in many cities in Japan. We can share many unique Japanese culture that I experienced and studied in Japan, too.

I love to talk to new people and share different perspectives and experiences to each other.
Do you want to improve your speaking and communicating skills in Japanese? Please contact me and let''s talk and learn Japanese together!!!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Thank you :)



Drawing, making art, going to Art Museums, walking, walking, walking, visiting hot springs, chatting, seeing sunset/sunrise, staying in the nature, etc......


University in Japan
A Bachelor of Arts
University in Japan
A Master of Arts
University in Japan
PhD (Art)

6 years experience in public school in Japan
9 years experience of teaching Japanese in the US

Teaching Japanese

JLPT, Test prep, Job interview, Business Japanese, Travel Japanese and more!

Understanding something and being able to do the thing are totally different things.
After you understand meanings or grammar points, I will assist you to reach the point that you can actually use it to express yourself in Japanese. Repetition is the key for learning language but it should be fun so that you can keep up motivation. That''s why I am here for you until you can actually use Japanese to communicate with other people. Even JLPT doesn''t have speaking test, improving communication skill in Japanese will boost your score to the next level. I will provide you reasonable homework each time, for example : Writing diaries or essays in Japanese, Kanji practice, etc.

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Kamakura (Kanagawa)