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☆For elementary learners, I can help out totally from scratch, e.g. the Japanese alphabetical system (hiragana), very basic greetings, “survival” Japanese expressions, numbers, parts of a human body, etc.
☆As I always respect educated adults, I would rather not conduct any “repeat-after-me” type lessons unless you insist.


☆For advanced learners, I can help out with 1) writing exercises including business e-mails or essays, 2) reading exercises including news articles, and 3) pronunciation practices for better understanding about the Japanese standard accent and intonation.
☆I’m originally from Odawara, about 80 km down south-west from Tokyo.

★上級の学習者には、1) ビジネスメールやエッセーなどを書く練習、2) ニュース記事などを読む練習、3) 正しい発音(アクセントやイントネーション)で話す練習などはいかがでしょうか。


☆I have visited more than 60 different countries across the world both on business and for pleasure. I always enjoy communicating with local people and tourists from across the globe.
☆While I have a detailed knowledge of Japanese history and geography as a licensed tour guide, I personally would rather have a life full of nature and away from the hustle and bustle in the countryside of Japan.



☆I worked for a shipping (ship-operating) company and trading companies for many years. I used very practical English and Japanese in business every day.
☆And now I can teach business e-mails in Japanese with regard to any specific situations, e.g. negotiating prices, requesting information, making an appointment, pressing for payment, etc.


☆When I was young, I worked as a professional server and a hotel worker on a contract basis at local restaurants and hotels in and around Tokyo for years.
☆I think my personality is gregarious and affable.


Teaching Japanese

☆I worked on wedding receptions as an MC for nearly a year. I completed a training course for MCs beforehand, and also attended some announcing workshop programs during the same period.  
☆Today, as a language professional, I usually articulate better and speak louder than regular Japanese people.


Location appeal

☆You can reach me online anytime. As for face-to-face lessons, please feel free to ask me about any locations in the Tokyo area.