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Hi! I’m Yuka, native Japanese. I was born and raised in Kyushu (south part of Japan) and now living in Osaka. I studied in Canada when I was a university student so English is available.

If you are a beginner, I recommend studying Japanese in your language. (or the language you can understand well) If you go to a Japanese school in Japan, it''s basically teaching in Japanese even for beginners and teachers don''t understand English but I think that''s not efficient. Of course, I try to make you use Japanese as much as you can because speaking is the most important thing. In my lesson, you get many opportunities to practice speaking!
Now English is only available for my lesson but I''m studying Chinese and German so hopefully I will use them as well in the future!
中級者なら日本語でレッスンしますが、英語で質問しても大丈夫です。Once you start to speak Japanese, Japanese people just say "日本語上手ですね" and nobody corrects your Japanese even if you make many mistakes, so I can teach you proper Japanese for the intermediate level.

I also have a license of teaching Japanese calligraphy, so if you''re interested we can also have a class of it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. The best way to learn a new language is to speak and practice! Let’s enjoy our conversation! I’m looking forward to becoming your tutor and helping you with your learning experience :)

We can meet face-to-face in cafes if you live in Kansai area. Also I can visit your office if you can book the meeting room for the lesson. Let me know if you have a preferred learning method/textbook.


I also study other languages(Chinese and German) so I can understand how you feel. That''s why I can be flexible for you, even in the middle of the lesson, you can always suggest things(what you wanna study, how you wanna study, etc...), then we can make the perfect lesson for you :)


University graduate(international economy)
Finished the course of teaching Japanese for 513hours

Teaching Japanese

I have a license of teaching Japanese calligraphy so if you''re interested in writing beautiful Japanese we can also do it beside the lesson.

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around Osaka 大阪 (Hyogo 兵庫, Kyoto 京都)
Usually I have lessons in Umeda 梅田.