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I was born and raised in Osaka but I''ve also lived in New Zealand and the UK. I particularly enjoyed living in London for over a year.

I''m a native speaker but I''m continuing to study Japanese because I''m truly passionate about the language.
I work at Japanese language schools and most of my students want to go to the university in Japan, so I''m hoping to help their dreams come true.

For weekdays, mostly I''m available from late afternoon to evening except Mondays.
For weekends, I''m available in Saturday mornings, afternoons and Sunday mornings.


On my days off I like to play video games and watch Vtuber videos. I also like to travel and explore new places.
Tell me about your interests in the first lesson too!


I worked in offices in Japan for 5 and a half years in total.
I got a certification for Japanese language teaching and I work for language schools in Japan now.
I have lived in New Zealand and England so I''m happy to teach in English too!

Teaching Japanese

I''m very patient and open minded as a person.
My aim is to give lessons that can motivate and help learners grow.

I offer grammar and speaking lesson as well as free talk lesson.
In Japanese schools I work for, we all use "Minna no Nihongo", but I''m also very happy with whatever textbooks you want to use. Let me know your preference.

Location appeal

Language schools around Tokyo
Private in person / online lessons