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Hi! I''m teacher Ayami. I''m a qualified teacher for Japanese language.
I have more than 9years teaching experience.
I have conducted more than 5000 online Japanese class.
I love teaching and meeting new people. Do you want to start learning a new language?
Please contact me freely. I’ll help you and guide you with improving your Japanese skill!


-learning languages(English and Chinese)
-playing the piano and guitar
-watching Anime


I have more than 9 years teaching experience.
2015~2021 high school teacher
2021~2022 kids care center teacher
2020~now online Japanese teacher

2020 Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test passed
2022 TOEIC score 905

Teaching Japanese

【My teaching style】
-I''m an expert for beginner students. You can master Japanese fast and efficently.
-I basically speak Japanese during the class. But you can ask me in English anytime you want.
-I prepare lesson materials so you don''''t have to buy textbooks.
I’d like to create customized lessons according to your wishes!
Please feel free to ask me.

【Pupular course】
- "Minna no Nihongo" textbook
-for beginner and intermediate students
-You can learn basic grammar and conversation step by step. You have a lot of chances to use Japanese during the class.

-for intermediate and advanced students
-Lots of interesting topics!
-daily topic, news discussion or free conversation
-You can learn how to speak more naturally and get lots of vocabulary.

Location appeal

online(ZOOM, Skype and so on)