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また、私はアニメもマンガも大好きでたくさん見たり読んだりするので、同じようにアニメやマンガが好きな方も大歓迎です :D

Hello, my name is Chae. As you might notice from my name, I am Korean, but my first language is Japanese.
I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I can also speak Korean and English. In my lessons, I usually teach my students in only Japanese. If you are worried about your Japanese fluency for communication, we can mix both Japanese and English :)
I am looking forward to hearing from you and having Japanese lessons!


Reading manga and books・Watching Anime and films/Drawing



I have been teaching Japanese for almost 2 years at Japanese language schools in Tokyo, where there are students from a variety of countries such as China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, America, and Europe....
I have experiences of teaching to very beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.
The books I have used for beginners are "Minnano Nihongo" and "Dekiru Nihongo", and for intermediate and advanced students are TRY series, Soumatome series, Speed Master series and so on.
Currently, I have a few private students. One of them passed N1 in 2022 and now our goal is to be able to have natural conversation and have fun to talk in Japanese, which I believe is the most important in learning a language :)

Teaching Japanese


Please feel free to tell me what you want to focus on, improve, and brush up in Japanese lessons.
Here are some examples of my lessons:
-For very beginners. Based on either "Minnano Nihongo" or "Dekiru Nihingo", let''''s practice Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and basic grammars.
-For those who want to focus on only daily conversations. Let''s set up a daily situation and practice useful dialogues related to it, such as restaurant, hotel, and so on.
-For those who want to focus on mainly Kanji. Let''s look into the meaning and reading of each kanji and vocabularies related to it.
-For those who want to improve especially Japanese used in News. Let''s have a discussion on current news by sharing each other''s opinion about that, and read through some news articles.
…etc (By all means you can request other kind of lessons that are in your mind ).

Location appeal


I have good access to Yamanote Line stations, or Mainly around Shinjuku-ku, Taitou-ku, Adati-ku, Arakawa-ku, Chuo-ku, Shibuya-ku, Toshima-ku, Bunkyo-ku, and Meguro-ku.
It might be possible for me to reach other areas as well. Please feel free to ask:)