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I am 66 years old and just finished all courses required by the government to be a certified Japanese teacher this April. The school I graduated from is Sendagaya Japanese Institutes, one of the best schools that offers the sophisticated Japanese teaching methods to those who would like to be a Japanese language teacher.
Although I have no teaching experience, I do have a lot of business and life experience.
As I spent most of my time in the fields of administration and management before retirement. I think that I am very knowledgeable about business terminology as well as Japanese business manners. In addition, I was stationed in the US more for than 10 years.
I am sure that I can help those who want to be active in Japanese business.
I will listen to your needs and do my best. Let’s work hard together!


flyfishing, golf, watching sports( soccer, golf, baseball etc.)


I was engaged in the automotive business for more than 40 years and get involved in the sports business for last 5 years.

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As I mentioned in the above part.

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I live on the Denentoshi Line.