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I am happy to help you expand your interest in the Japanese language and culture. Having lived and worked in overseas for an extended period, I have firsthand experience with the joys, excitement, and challenges of learning a foreign language and culture. I can empathize with you and offer advice on learning a foreign language if you need it. I will do my best to tailor the class to suit your goals. Whether your focus is on acquiring survival Japanese before traveling to Japan, developing both casual and polite conversational skills, or preparing for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), I am happy to assist you.


My hobbies include practicing Yoga. I also enjoy watching movies and traveling.


I have experience teaching Japanese to students of all ages, from children to adults. I have taught Japanese at various language schools, spent two years teaching at a middle and high school, and worked at a university overseas for 17 years. In addition, I have instructed students at a language school and college in Japan. During the pandemic, all of my classes were conducted online, so I have experience in online teaching methods as well.

Teaching Japanese

I genuinely appreciate your interest in learning Japanese language and culture. Each of you has a unique motivation for starting to learn the Japanese language, and I will customize the class to meet your individual needs and requests. I believe that the teacher’s approach matters. When I choose my Yoga class, I seek an instructor who is caring, challenges me, and meets my expectations. I will accommodate your needs and preferences. With my experience teaching various levels, from Elementary to Advanced, and working with a different age groups and settings, I hope to assist you in further developing your Japanese language skills and interest.

Location appeal

I can teach in-person if it is within Fukuoka city, but I prefer online.