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Hajime Mashite.

My name is Kaoru Yoshiyama.

I have been teaching Japanese since 1988. Our extensive experience in teaching a variety of students will help you achieve your language learning goals.
I am a friendly, patient and responsible person.

We want to provide stress-free, fun and productive lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Travel, Cooking, Gardening, Trekking Mountain


*Over 25+ years of teaching experience as a tutor for businesspersons, diplomats, professional athletes, researchers and their families in Japan
* Full-time certified Japanese language teacher at public schools in U.S. for 3 years
* Business experience at a global pharmaceutical company
for 2 years

Teaching Japanese

I am very happy to help you achieve your language learning goals.

We can design customized courses for different requirements, such as business/daily needs and preparation for proficiency exams for all levels, focusing on effective Japanese learning methods.

I respond flexibly to all Japanese requests and build fun and effective lessons to achieve your objectives in the best and fastest way. I provide fun and informative lessons by providing comprehensive materials and resources. You can choose the right textbook for the lesson, or you can bring your favorite material to the lesson.
As a speaker, I would like you to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence. We will do our best to help you lay a solid foundation for further development of your Japanese abilities.

Location appeal

I offer flexible lesson arrangements for face-to-face lessons and/or online lessons.




Great lesson! Thank you! Highly recommended.



I decided to learn with her. She is very energetic and nice.