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Hello, welcome to my Japanese class!
I’m kaori, a certified Japanese tutor with teaching experience at Japanese Language school in Tokyo Japan.

I was born and raised in Osaka, currently living in Tokyo.

I love different cultures, traveling and watching Korean dramas.

Do you want to understand Japanese animes or dramas without subtitles?

Do you desire to speak like a native?

Do you want to take your Japanese to the next level by reducing your mistakes and speaking fluently with new vocabularies?

My goal here is to take your Japanese to the next level by making you a fluent and confident Japanese speaker.

I would like to help you reach your goals.


I love different cultures!
traveling, watching Korean dramas.


Japanese Language school teacher
I began to teach Japanese after working with a reading company for 8 years

Teaching Japanese

 Complete beginners are welcome.
―start from hiragana ,katakana
―I use Genki or Minna no Nihongo for beginners, but most important
part of our lesson is that I will make you speak, rather than I explain
the grammar for 30minutes.

 free conversation  Gain confidence through friendly conversation on
a wide range of topics chosen according to your needs and interests.
 Proof-reading I am happy to help you with proof-reading documents or
correcting writing.

 Exam preparation

 Business- I began to teach Japanese after working with a leading
company for 8 years.

 Homework / self-study guidance― I will always suggest homework and
guidance for independent study (taking into account student''s
objectives and interests).

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