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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. I''m Koko a Japanese native speaker and have a licence of "Japanese Language teaching Competency Test". I''ve been teaching Japanese to business person who are from Ireland, US, India China, Korea and their wives since February 2019.My lesson principle is to "have fun "because I believe that the lesson is where you are center stage. Why don''t you try my lesson if you''d like. Thank you in advance!


playing with my dogs
enjoy coffee time watching movies on my PC
reading books
English conversation
listening to music


run cram school for 7years to teach elementary and junior high school children
working freelance Japanese teacher since 2019

Teaching Japanese

I can teach you Japanese in English if you are beginner.I learned how to teach Japanese in English at school.And also I speak "Easy Japanese" or "Yasashii Nihongo".So please don''t be nervous and feel relaxed.
The Textbook will be available 「Min''nano NihongoⅠ&Ⅱ」「Marugoto」「GENKI」「Nihongo fun & easy」

Location appeal

I live in northern part of Yokohama. So "Den''entoshi line and Yokohama blue line and green line" would be better.
Online lesson using by Skype and Zoom are also available.