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I have been teaching Japanese for 10 years for English-speaking expats and their wives and also many university, high school and mid school students all over the world. I can teach students at any level! My lesson style is quite flexible so that I can meet each students’ needs, for example, JLPT test, daily conversation, travel, and also helping preparations for their academic studies. What is your purpose of learning Japanese? I would love to work with you toward your goal!


Jogging, dancing, and swimming,
Watching the Netflix and movies,
traveling all over the world,


After working as a freelance translator for 7 years,
I have been teaching Japanese for 10 years.

Teaching Japanese

I love meeting people and I absolutely adore my job. What I prioritize most in teaching is fostering strong, enduring relationships with my students. In fact, my students and I often maintain long-term relationships, not just as teacher and student but also as close friends. Many of my students have been with me for over a year, with the longest being more than 7 years! Witnessing students improve in their learning is always thrilling for me. If you''re seeking more than just a language tutor, I''m here for you. I look forward to becoming your friend and teacher and assisting you in your journey to learn Japanese!
Moreover, many of my students have successfully passed the JLPT, even though I didn’t offer JLPT-exclusive lessons. (I can, of course, offer JLPT lessons if needed!) Needless to say, they dedicated significant effort outside of class for the exam. However, their ongoing studies with me have naturally enabled them to achieve and pass the N4 and N3 levels.

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I am living in Aichi but can teach students in Nagoya, Toyota. But these days I mainly teach online. I can meet you whenever you are living!!




I am studying Japanese to be able to converse more with my wife's family. Makiko-san has customized my lessons perfectly to this goal. We are focusing on conversational abilities first, with grammar knowledge as needed (and not the other way around as is common in many courses). Her selection of self-study resources is excellent. Most importantly, she is friendly and approachable and I look forward to meeting with her every week.

講師の返事: Ian-san! Thank you for your kind feedback! Actually, you are one of the smartest students and an incredibly quick learner. Your diligence in studying even after class truly aids the teaching process. Thank you! I also look forward to seeing you every week!