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Hi, my name is Mika, a native Japanese speaker and living in Chiba pre. Teaching Japanese is my passion and I would like to have a fun class with you!!


I like Hawaiian dancing, Traveling around the world and around Japan, Exploring many different cultures, Music Yoga and Eating. Besides teaching Japanese, I also teach Hawaiian dancing.


I am teaching at a Japanese school. Before I had been working as an international cabin attendant for a long time. I also teach Hawaiian dancing.

Teaching Japanese

Zero beginners are welcome.
Japanese conversations, grammar, speaking.
Business Japanese --- Cabin Attendants, Customer Service Representatives, Caregiver (Kaigoshi), Office workers.
We will talk what you would like to learn at the first lesson.

As a teacher I am very kind and patient. So you donʻt have to worry at all.

Location appeal

Online (Zoom)
Chiba (Narita, Inzai, Sakae-machi, Abiko, Sakura, Tomisato)




Mika-sensei is a great tutor, I highly recommend. She is very patient and kind. She adapts her lessons to my goals. I told her I was a beginner, I wanted to learn with the Genki textbook, and I was learning Japanese because I wanted to be able to carry some basic conversations when I travel to Japan for the first time in a few months. Based on this, she custom tailored slides for me which followed the lessons from Genki but also included additional parts that I was really interested in, such as different Japanese dishes, specialties of various parts of Japan, and more. Any time I had questions for her (e.g. the origins of a word) that she didn't immediately know, she would follow up the next week with the answer. I can tell she really cares about whether or not I've understood a concept or memorized the vocabulary. And, communication about logistics (scheduling, payment, etc) has all been extremely clear and easy. I appreciate Mika-sensei a lot!

講師の返事: Fayさん、thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciated. Although I am a native Japanese speaker there are many things I still don't know in にほんご. Everytime I really enjoy the lesson with you, everytime I learn a lot!!