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Prior to starting my career with Certified Japanese teacher in 2017, I used to work for an American company for over 25 years. During my career with the company, I learned lots of things,including English skills and others from my colleagues globally. So I would like to return a favor to foreign students through the Japanese lesson for their improvement and achievements depend on the request. I am very much looking forward to working with the foreign students who would like to study and improve Japanese soon,


My hobbies are sports, travel and reading.
I had a great experience that I took part in World Masters Athletics Championships held in Malaga, Spain in September 2018.


My careers are as follows;
•I worked for a local publishing company and I was responsible for advertising of magazines issued on a monthly basis for over 5 years,
•I worked for an American company for over 25 years and I was mainly responsible for Security related.
•I have been teaching Japanese as a Certified Japanese Teacher to the international students at a local language school since October in 2017.

Teaching Japanese

I will be fully flexible for teaching Japanese based on the student’s request, such as starting from basic Japanese with N5 or N4 level. I will do my best to teach Japanese to the student for his/her improvement and full satisfaction. Also, I would like to support the student for his/her success and achievements in Japan.
I am confident that I will fully engage the student with my Japanese lesson.

Location appeal

My home is located in Saitama city, northern area of Tokyo and it takes about 35 minutes to Shinjuku station from Yonohommachi station(my nearest station) by JR(Japan Railway). So Shinjuku area is my preferred location for the Japanese lesson. However, I will be fully flexible for any locations in Tokyo.