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I would like to thoroughly teach you the basic grammar. They are Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, and Particles. Especially, handling the particles are the most difficult part for some learners, so I would like to take enough time to have much repetition work in various way.

I prefer to use Genki book as the main textbook with Minna No Nihongo as the supplemental tool.

As for the intermediate and advanced learner, I would like to discuss about which lesson style is better.


Bicycle. Weight training. Drawing. Trying various foods to eat since there are many good restaurants in Japan:)


I am very normal person who doesn’t have any special career. But to become Japanese language teacher, I took 420 hours course in the correspondence education. And I already have about 7,500 online lessons until now.

Teaching Japanese

I believe that the language is the mass of the sounds. So I would like to teach you how to pronounce properly like the native Japanese speaker.

Location appeal

Live in Ome, west part in Tokyo.




He is a good teacher who helps you practice japanese. I took lessons with him for a few months and they helped a bit. Thank you.

講師の返事: Thank you.



I would like to do a class for week.

講師の返事: She is really exciting in learning Japanese with a good motivation. That will make me happy on the lessons=)



Murooka-sensei is kind and easy to talk to. His trail lesson was focused on Japanese conversation and proper pronunciation. Thank you for an interesting trail lesson. I'm looking forward to taking your classes.

講師の返事: とても話しやすく、学ぶ姿勢もいい生徒さんです。先生にとって、とても教えやすい生徒さんだと思います。これからのレッスンが楽しみです。