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I had taught Japanese many foreiners from many countries ( more than 30 countries ) on a lot of purposes at a private school in Shinjuku for 7 years ,then since 2010 I have been teaching independently so I have a lot of experience of teaching ,so depends on your needs I can give you good lesson.Let''s enjoy our Japanese lesson together!


My hobbies are cooking,travelling( not only overseas countries but also domestic travel ),tea celemony so on. Besides at the moment I like enjoying country life on weekends in Yamanashi where we can see Mt.Fuji & the range of South Alps from my house.


I had taught Japanese at a private school in Shinjuku for 7 years.and aslo I had taught a private school in Nepal.

Teaching Japanese

I had taught Japanese at some conpanies going on business.
When I taught at a private school in Shinjuku ,there were many requests to study ,sometimes they wanted to read novels or articles in newspaper or Keigo for business ,JLPT so on ,so depends on their needs I teach.

Location appeal

I have taught at my house where is 3 minutes from Higashijujo, where is 15minutes from Tokyo station and 13 minutes from Oomiya on Keihintohoku Line. I don''t like study at a cafe as it''s very busy so it''s not good place for studying so you could come to study at my place, that is the best.




I thought it was a good lesson and am interested to try again!