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【Important 】I am a Japanese language teacher who has completed the Japanese language teacher training course at a university. Do you want to know how adults can learn Japanese effectively?

【Please note】
1) Lessons are conducted almost exclusively in Japanese to help you improve as quickly as possible.
2) If you cannot understand the Japanese explanation due to cultural differences, I will send you a more detailed explanation in English or 日本語 by e-mail.

Improve your Japanese conversation by a native Japanese speaker rationally convey in standard language. I will help you to reach your goals faster than self-study. Correcting mistakes in particles and getting a sense of onomatopoeia are essential to understanding the Japanese language.

◆BJT、JLPT N1・N2の試験対策を行っています。あなたが短期で合格するように指導します。
I have some exam-taking strategy for BJT or JLPT-N1 and N2. I will guide you to pass in a short period of time.

I also offer interview preparation services. Even if you have excellent academic and technical skills, if you do not get an interview, you will not get where you want to be. Have fun with me and get ready!


Playing the cello and piano.
Go to gym.
Tlaveling and reading.


Operations or data management in the accounting and finance departments of large companies. Japanese language education, patent and copyright management, etc. I have many national and private certifications.
*I have been a Japanese teacher for over 12 years.

Teaching Japanese


Due to my past teaching experience (including learners outside of this site), I believe that by improving text reading comprehension, leaners will be able to converse in Japanese language. We will read together an article in Japan or a description of your area of expertise and then discuss it, I will guide you so that you can summarize your thoughts in Japanese language.

Location appeal

Lessons at a cafe in Central Tokyo or Online

*Online lessons 2,000yen /40 minutes
■ The organizer is a teacher.
■ We will take lessons while looking at our facial expressions.
Thank you for your understanding.