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にほんごきょうしを 1ねんはん まえから しています。そのまえは2ねんかん ボランティア として いろいろな くにの
かたを おしえてきました。 
アメリカと フランスに いたことが あるので みなさんの
ように がいこくごを まなぶ たいへんさ がわかります。
ぜひ みなさんの ちからに なりたいです。
Hello My name is Suzuki. I have been working as Japanese teacher for 1.5 years and before that I taught as volunteer people who come to live in Japan. I have been in the U.S. and France so I can understand how difficult it is to learn foreign languages. I have been working in real estate industry so I can teach you formal expressions and business Japanese. I am looking forward to serving you very soon.


あみもの knitting
びじゅつかんしょう appreciation for art
えいが watching movie
ごがくをべんきょうすること studying foreign languages


アメリカに8ねん、フランスに1ねん すんでいました。
にほんご をおしえる しかく をもっています。

I started my career as a bank employee and now, I have been working in real estate industry. I have all requirements to teach Japanese. I passed Japanese teaching proficiency test in 2020. I am National Government Licensed Guide in French. My TOEIC Score is 825 in March 2021.

Teaching Japanese

しょきゅう ぶんぽう
ビジネス かいわ
I have used Minna no Nihongo, Genki, まなぼう にほんご and Try! and other resources.
I can make learning materials to meet your needs.
I can teach conversation, beginner-level grammar, business Japanese and JLPT preparation.

Location appeal

I can teach in Tokyo, Chiba, and Online.




Yuki Sensei is a great teacher. Since October 2021, in her lessons she has been helping me work through the Minna No Nihongo textbook to learn basic Japanese. She is always well-prepared for the lesson, and is a kind, patient, and fun person to talk to - the lessons always go by fast because she is entertaining and engaging. A typical lesson starts with some conversation in Japanese (and English as needed). She is conversationally fluent in English and can always convey the nuances she needs to, which is incredibly helpful for an English speaker. That is normally followed by introducing new vocabulary, a short review of the previous lesson, and then the major grammar points and practice from the textbook. She is flexible with the lesson to teach materials and methods that match the student, and easily flows into other topics if I have questions. I have enjoyed learning from her and plan to continue!

講師の返事: Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback! Ever since you've started taking my lessons, you have made sure to review what you have learned every time and the effort you have put in my class exceeds my expectations. I am so happy to have a student like you!