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Learning Japanese is not a 100-meter-dash, rather long duration of running so please be aware that there is no "instant method" to acquire this wonderful language. Be patient and persistent you''ll be awarded in the end with beautiful command of Japanese.


Traveling is my favorite hobby.


Teach all the way from ILR-0, the lowest to ILR-4, the highest level.

Teaching experience includes U.S. government agencies, colleges, and personal lessons both in-person and online.

Stress on grammar in the beginning in order for the students to build up the foundations to acquire the language. Even though you think all you need is "speaking" capability you''''ll realize, sooner or later, you are missing something and your Japanese proficiency will be incomplete: reading and speaking abilities are interrelated and interconnected so you need to have both wheels to steer your communication skills properly.

Teaching Japanese

No text books required I''ll send out my own studying materials as needed. In general, my lessons consist of two hours per meeting once a week. I''m a serious teacher for serious students who wish to master this wonderful language for business and daily use. I''ve been teaching Japanese for the U.S, Federal government as well as individual students and I reside in the United States. I was born, raised , and educated in Japan, also educated in the U.S.

Teach business level Japanese to English speaking students. You''ll learn reading, writing, and conversational Japanese seriously yet enjoyably without pressure of sort.
I''m the specialist for the current "fluent" speakers with critical grammar issues: I draw out your problem areas to make you understand how to correct them with understandable manner. Typical problem areas include particles, transitive/intransitive verbs, adjective inflections, and demonstratives. I''''m not expecting you to become "perfect" speaker but "educated" speaker.

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Online teaching only.