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Yasu Yoshida was born and raised in Japan. He has a BA degree in Anthropology and is a certified teacher of Japanese as a foreign language.
Part of his university studies were research projects in Tanzania and the US. These early experiences set him up for a career in industries related to international exchange - travel, import/export and telecommunications. Over the 25 years of his work in industry, he has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, and multiple places within Japan.
His teaching career started as a side interest 15 years ago through personal interactions with people wanting to study Japanese. After becoming a certified Japanese language teacher, he has been teaching Japanese as a foreign language to people at any level of proficiency. Yasu is passioned and focused on providing a tailored teaching content that is relevant to the student''s daily life and work situations.


In his free time he enjoys traveling, meeting new people and cultures, and being in nature through cycling, hiking and camping.


Experience as a Language teacher:
Fukutoku Language school, Japan
Nagoya International Academy, Japan
Freelance language teacher

Teaching Japanese

I am passionate about teaching Japanese in a fun and effective way.

My teaching strategy uses natural approach to learning languages.
It means that you are an active participant!
You are using the language constantly in class.
You are learning vocabulary that is relevant to you, so you can use it outside of class immediately.
You learn the language as a skill to develop, not as a subject to study.
You learn and become confident fast!

Language textbooks are often boring. This is often because the topics are not interesting for the student.
I focus on selecting topics that are important to you and your learning goals.
If you are studying Japanese for business purposes, then we will use real business materials.
If you study Japanese to read manga, then this is what we will focus on.
With me you will learn Japanese that is relevant to you, while having fun!

Location appeal

Online lesson is the best. you don''''t need to go anywhere. You just sit down and open your laptop.

I living in NAGOAYA which is in Aichi prefecture between Tokyo and Osaka. It''s actually cozy city.




I had a relatively intensive online class with Yoshida-sensei (3 times/week). He is very approachable and lessons do not necessarily have to be textbook based. We usually have some impromptu conversations which allows me to put into practice the Japanese learned. He has very interesting personal stories and I would highly recommend him.