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Working at Japanese school in TOKYO! Qualified and cheerful teacher!
Nice to meet you! I''m Yuko, an experienced Japanese teacher.

【My track record】
My students passed N4 within one year with only two lessons per week from a complete beginner.
Many of them achieved N1 passes as well.

【Recommended for】
Anyone who wants to learn while having fun.
People who want to learn not only Japanese but also about Japanese culture and daily life.
Those who want to develop a love for Japanese.
People who want to live in Japan.
Travel enthusiasts.
Those looking to take JLPT proficiency test.

【About Yuko】
I work as a teacher at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.
My bright and enjoyable classes are highly rated.
I''m originally from Tochigi Prefecture, known for Nikko.
Currently residing in the heart of Tokyo.
During my student days, I backpacked and traveled to 20 countries.
My hobby is Pilates, and I am working towards becoming an instructor.
Experiencing the cultures, people, and languages of various countries has given me a fascination for diverse perspectives.
I love Japan and please allow me to share her charms with you!


Pilates.traveling,cafe hoping,watching movie


Japanese language school teacher
Office training Japanese class teacher .
N1 N2 N3 training

Teaching Japanese

【Yuko''s Strengths】
- I teach with materials tailored to each individual needs and requirements, Please let me know yours!
- No need to buy textbooks!
- I teach while writing on the board.
- I use handmade picture cards and word cards.
- Free talk sessions on your topic of interests, Let me get to know you better!

We''ll use either Minna no Nihongo or GENKI as the foundation.
We''ll have fun learning with picture cards and word cards.
You''ll gain confidence in speaking precise Japanese, starting from basic grammar.
▶ You''ll be able to:
- Introduce yourself.
- Learn phrases for traveling.
- Master simple daily conversations.
- Make Japanese friends.
- Learn basic business Japanese.

【Intermediate & Advanced】
In addition to textbook lessons, we''ll have free talk sessions to practice conversational skills and review grammar.
Each session will have a themed discussion, with relevant materials prepared.
You will become skilled at using Japanese for various topics, making speaking Japanese enjoyable.
▶ You''ll be able to:
- Express your opinions.
- Understand Japanese anime, manga, and movies.
- Have deep conversations with Japanese people.
- Be able to live in Japan like a local.
- Learn business Japanese for living/working in Japan.

1. We''ll start with listening practice.
2. We''ll conduct tests.
3. I''ll create a customized curriculum for you.

- We''ll use textbooks.
- I''ll focus on strengthening your weak skills.
- If you wish, I can assign homework.

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Really great and patient teacher! Came prepared with cards, textbooks, lesson plan. 10/10!