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Konnichiwa! Thank you for visiting my profile.
I am Yuri, a qualified Japanese teacher and a mother of two daughters.
As I was born and grown up in Tokyo, I can teach Japanese with a standard accent.
I’d lived in London, Boston and Sydney for almost 6 years, so I can teach Japanese in English!

By the way, what is your purpose for learning Japanese?
Do you want to speak a daily conversation, or want to read Manga by yourself?
Some people study Japanese in order to pass JLPT, but other people learn Japanese just for fun. As the purpose and motivation for learning language differ from one person to another, I would ask you a lot of questions before starting lesson in order to customize it as best as possible!


I love travelling abroad. I am sorry I can’t go to anywhere right now because of the coronavirus pandemic.
I also love cooking, reading and learning Korean! I have been learning Korean for almost 5 years, so I understand how difficult to learn another language.


After the graduation of my university, I worked at one of the British banks for 6 years, then became a freelance translator. I had translated English children’s books into Japanese for almost 20 years. While doing it, I started teaching Japanese to foreigners at home. Gradually, I came to like teaching Japanese much better than translating. After completed all requirements of Japanese Teacher training course of 420 hours, I became an online Japanese teacher. I have done more than 500 lessons and always have built a good relationship with students.

Teaching Japanese

I am a passionate and friendly teacher. I love to interact with students and see their process of learning. All students say that they feel confident and encouraged to speak freely after my lessons.

For a beginner to intermediate learner:
・I teach you Hiragana and Katakana with flashcards and charts.
・I introduce you a few sentence patterns every lesson and practice the usage in line with Minna no Nihongo text book.

For learners who want to practice conversation:
・Please let me know your desired topic and I will make a plan based on it.

For learners who want me to check your writing or reports:
・Please send it to me beforehand in order that I can check it before the lesson.

Location appeal

online only




Sayuri-sensei was very nice during our trial lesson and while organizing before the lesson. We worked together to discuss what a class would be like. She was very flexible and listened to how I would like to structure the class. I would highly recommend Sayuri-sensei.